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Learning to make kites helps to build self esteem, inspires creativity and promotes team building.  An age-old pasttime for Americans, cultures all over the world have celebrations involving kites.  Our workshops can be tailored to instruct one to 500 participants; for children's parties or group retreats; from the classic diamond design to intricate specialties.  Anything you can imagine, we can make it happen.  Everyone will love watching their personal artwork flying!     

Stunt-Kite Flying Lessons:

Learning to fly stunt (or sport) kites encourages confidence, promotes stress relief and helps with physical fitness!  We can teach the never-ever flyer or provide lessons to help advance the experienced flyer. 


Educational Presentations:

KiteDemos can incorporate kites with nearly any curriculum or program, from ages 1 to 101 years young!  Education of traditional and modern kiting can provide tangible relationships between math, science, art, history and culture.

Jason (age 3)   Old Settlers Park

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